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1st Anniversary is For Paper...

Celebrate a wedding anniversary by following the traditional wedding meaning gift guide with our personalised wedding anniversary meaning card.

personalised wedding anniversary cards

1. Paper

First up is paper. The idea behind this, is the first year of marriage is like a blank sheet, waiting for you to make it your own. Why not frame the card after your anniversary and pop it all the wall!

2. Cotton

Symbolising strength and versatility, cotton on to the traditional 2nd anniversary gift. Personalise the card with your special message to your partner and choose their favourite colour ribbon.

5. Wood

Wood represents strength and a solidified relationship and of course a wooden card is the perfect choice! All of our cards are environmentally friendly, with the card made from recycled materials and using durable birch plywood motifs.

Don't just leave it at a card! Our personalised wedding anniversary meaning wooden wine bottle label is a perfect keepsake to go with that bottle of bubbly.

16. Wax

It's not just the key anniversary dates that have a special meaning! If you or someone you know is celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary then a candle is the ideal gift. They are a classic symbol of romance and the burning flame signifies your love for one another.

Combine our personalised meaning card with a personalised wedding anniversary candle.

60. Diamond

Everyone knows diamonds are a girl's best friend.... Made popular by the Queen with her Diamond Jubilee, celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary is now commonplace. The word 'diamond' is derived from the Greek 'adamas' which means enduring and unconquerable.

Mark the special occasion in style and personalise our meaning card to give to your partner.


There are of course many more anniversary meanings! Read the full list here.

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