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Did you know? The practice of giving greetings cards dates back to the ancient Egyptians, when they would write message on papyrus scrolls to give to their loved ones.

By the early 15th century, in Europe, it was the custom to send handmade greetings cards.

Now, according to the Greetings Card Association (yes that's a real thing), 880 million cards were sold in 2015 in the UK.

personalised birthday wooden cards

Create memories with our personalised keepsake cards. Send a card with meaning and it will be something your friends and family will treasure and keep.

Our cards are made to be long lasting, so they can be kept as a token of a special day or occasion.

Wedding season is nearly here so that means there will be lots of anniversaries coming soon!

personalised 5th wedding anniversary meaning card

A 5th wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to buy a wooden card! The fifth year of marriage is traditionally celebrated with the gift of something made from wood.

You could get the happy couple a table or you could opt for a more postage friendly present, a wooden motif card.

Choose a personalised number anniversary card and get one for the couple every year. They can collect and keep their very own collection.


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