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How to Celebrate the Birth of a Friend's Baby

If you know someone that is pregnant or just had a baby, then new baby cards will be on your mind. But there are so many to choose from! What size, colour, design to get? We've answered your burning questions to help find the perfect card for the new arrival.

How soon after the birth should I send a card?

There is no one 'right' time to send a new baby card. The optimum time is within a week after the baby has been born. Some people want to get their wishes in straightaway and send the card to the hospital.

You might like to wait until the baby has been taken home and give Mum and Dad a couple of days to settle in with their new addition.

How can I avoid (pink for girls and blue for boys) gender stereotypes?

It can be difficult to avoid pink cards for newborn girls and blue cards for newborn boys. Our new baby cards come with a choice of both card colour and ribbon colour. Therefore you are in control of what the card looks like! For a gender neutral option, opt for cream card with gold or silver ribbon. These colour combos look beautiful together but are timeless shades that aren't obviously gender specific.

Alternatively you can go as pink and blue as you like! Choose from a range of pastel cards to create your very own bespoke colour way.

You can read more about our card options here.

What should I write in the card?

All our cards are blank so you can write your own message inside. But what do you write in a new baby card?

A cute and quirky idea is to write directly to the baby, welcoming them into the world!

Or you can keep it traditional and address your wishes to the parents (especially Mum, as she is the one who did all the hard work, after all!)

Browse our full range of new baby cards.

Don't forget to send us your snaps of your cards up on the mantelpiece! We love to see how you've displayed them.

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