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Welcome to our brand new pet collection... Coming Soon...Can we get a meow meow woof woof?

Here at Hickory Dickory Designs, we love our 4 legged friends and have been coming up with a new collection designed especially for our furry partners.

And to celebrate #NationalCatDay the other day, we have created a new pet postcard, as modeled by Phoebe the cat above, it is a great keepsake to welcome a new pet into the family home. It's an ideal gift to give a loved one with a new animal addition or to buy yourself as a keepsake memento.

Whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit or even a reptile or bird, our unique wooden postcard is a great alternative to a paper card and your pet will love it too! (Phoebe gave it a good sniff as you can see, but only agreed to an outdoor photo shoot despite bribing with fishy treats!)


As well as welcoming a new pet to the family, we understand the heartbreak of losing a beloved animal. Our pet condolence card is a way of showing your friend or relative that you care and a thoughtfull message can be added inside helping them through the difficult time.

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