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5 Easy Steps to a Clutter Free January

A New Year calls for a new start and after a busy Christmas and deliveries from the North Pole, your house might be looking a little cluttered. If you've got children, your living room might be suffering from a toy overload with presents over the festive period adding more things to your home.

January is the month of doing things and making a change but the thought of having a clear-out can fill some people with dread. But by following our easy steps, you can make this Janurary clutter free and stress free! Sound good? The get cracking.

1. Start with something simple, like a kitchen cupboard or clothes drawer. Empty it out and sort what you want to keep, bin and give to charity. Having 3 separate piles whilst you are sorting helps speed the process along. Once you have done one bit of de-cluttering you will feel more inspired to tackle bigger jobs.

2. Keep things bitesize. Don't give yourself mammoth tasks like clearing the entire garage and living room in one day! Do smaller chunks starting in one area and then gradually that room will begin to look tidier.

3. Write a list of things you want to get done in a day, evening or weekend. This will keep you focused and we all like striking things off a to do list! (Or is it just me?)

4. Storage is your friend. Head down to Ikea (other stores are available) and get yourself some boxes. Try colour coding boxes with funky washi tape by content, like blue for toys, green for electrical items and red for books. Then whatever room you are in, you will know what each box contains.

5. And don't forget to reward yourself! A little treat after completing a task will give you a boost and make you more likely to continue clearing. Try having a piece (or two) of chocolate for small accomplishments or allow yourself to watch an episode of Homeland.

Then for bigger tasks done, give yourself a bigger reward like finally buying those shoes you've been eyeing up online for aages.


And if you are looking for some further inspiration then here are our key buys to stay organised and clutter free.

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