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Frame Worthy Cards, with thanks to Little Chica

Last year the lovely Mar from 'Little Chica' blog got in touch because she wanted a special keepsake card for her friend, to celebrate her new home.

Our cards are a great gift to give to a loved one and they can even be used as wall art!

Mar sent us the gorgeous pic of our Home Sweet New Home card, framed in a lovely box frame with shells to accessorise. We love that the card was loved and Mar's words put a smile on our face!

"My best friend loved the card and she even put it in a frame saying ‘This is the first picture I’ll hang on the wall’, which made me feel quite emotional."

Read the full write up on Mar's blog here.


We love to see your pictures of our cards so don't forget to send them to us at or tag us in your insta photos @hickorydickorydesigns

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