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Did he put a ring on it this Christmas?

According to research, Christmas Eve is the most popular day of the year to get engaged and in a recent survey 31% of participants decided on the 24th December compared to only 12% for Valentine's Day!

A few explanations for this are: firstly the festive season is seen as a magical time of the year and a time for family. Also men think Christmas is a memorable time so why not get down on one knee! (Source:

And I'm sure that comes as no surprise, if you, like many, saw the New Year in with endless tweets and snapchats of gigantic diamond rings and smiley faces as your nearest and dearest finally got engaged.

So now the festivities are over and you have finished hearing the story of how he popped the question I'm sure you are thinking about getting an engagement card or something to commemorate this special occasion.

Our popular entwined letters engagement card is a great way to congratulate the newly engaged couple. The initials are cut out of birch plywood, which is an eco-friendly and durable material. The surface of the wood on the ampersand is engraved on to, with your special message to the couple, or simply the date they got engaged.

The wooden motif is then attached to the card, which is made from 100% recycled materials with satin ribbon. You can choose the colour of both the card and ribbon from our selection. The cream is a lovely option as you can see the speckled texture which shows it is made from recycled paper.

This card is a great keepsake and something they can treasure and look back at in the future. You know if you are buying a card from Hickory Dickory Designs, you are buying a special and long lasting gift as well.


Or if you are looking for something a bit different to commemorate a friend's engagement. Perhaps the couple are a bit more quirky and you don't want a traditional card, or maybe you want your gift to stand out from everyone else's.

Or if you want to stay along the card line still but looking for something that stands out from the other cards on the mantelpiece.....why not opt for out engagement wooden ticket keepsake card?

The keepsake card is made from solid cherry wood and the quirky cinema ticket design is like no other card. And of course you can personalise it with your own details to make it truly special.


Check out the full collection of engagament cards and gifts here.

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