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Unsure of what to give for a baby's First Diwali? Our unique Personalised 1st Diwali Keepsake cards are a gift in themselves, individually personalised.

This is the perfect gift for new parents who want to commemorate their child's first Diwali in a unique and meaningful way.


Our personalised First Diwali keepsake cards are a beautiful, thoughtful gift and a charming keepsake.


The Personalised 1st Diwali  Keepsake wooden motif is made from birch plywood and will be personalised by engraving into the wood with the words 1st Diwali and the date of this special event along with the name of the child.


Diwali dates back to ancient times in India, celebrate the festival of light, with our unique contemporary personalised 1st Diwali wooden motifs that are attached to a card.


Beautiful memento to gift to your new little family member at Diwali, ideal gifts that can be a charming thoughtful keepsake and would look lovely framed after the event.


The wooden motif is attached to the card with ribbon and is very easy to remove. Select from a range of card colours to suit the child brown kraft, white, cream, lilac or light blue card and red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, gold or silver ribbon.


You can now add a wooden display easel to your order, as the perfect finishing touch to your card! Simply pop the card on the stand for an extra special gift.


3mm birch plywood and we only use recycled paper for all our cards


Wooden motif 11cm x 9cm

Card A6 size 148mm x 105mm (5.8in x 4.1in)

Personalised 1st Diwali Keepsake Card

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